2 tips to overcome fear and doubt.

In 2020 so far we have probably seen some of the biggest levels of panic and fear in the UK since the second world war. The country has been advised to stay indoors, currently toilet roll and hand sanitiser are like gold dust. Shops are selling out faster than they can restock.

People can become fearful in all sorts of different situations.

An overweight person going to the gym for the first time. I used to be scared of the dark. I know a lot of people get really stressed about the thought of being in a job that they hate.

Fear is how we describe the emotions.

Let me describe some of the experiences I've seen of fear.

Every year I raise money for Mind by doing The Yorkshire Three Peaks with some of my clients. It is a passion of mine because I have struggled with mental health and still do from time to time, I am not the only one so I want to help others and so do some of my clients. I love being up a mountain, always difficult but always worth it.

We get to the first mountain, the rocks are slippery and we're struggling for a good grip. As we get to the top. One of our group is close to turning around. She isn't as strong as some of the others. In this moment we all came to lend a hand to push and pull her up the mountain.

Make no mistake The Three Peaks is a tough challenge and there is a reason it has such a good impact on people's mental health. The challenge is tough, mentally and physically you have to push through some barriers finish it.

By training you are already setting new limits for yourself every time you go into the gym. Even if it's just 1% further, over the course of a year how many workouts can you get in where you push just that little bit more?

Every time you push past that 'I want to quit.' Voice in your head you get a stronger mindset. you will need that because you will hear it a lot on that walk.

1. Make sure you have the right people around you.

You need to have good people around you. It is an absolute must. In the Mind Strong sessions we had been training together and had a great team/ community amongst us. We were there to support each other when doing The Three Peaks. The true strength amongst our community became apparent when people were contemplating quitting or complaining about fatigue and some one would pick them up. People who weren't right would have let them quit and that was just in the gym. In the MS sessions you're supported and you're encouraged to support each other.

2. Exercise frequently and stay in shape.

The Three Peaks is tough and there will be moments of doubt. However, making sure you're in shape will strengthen your mind and your body. For all the times that you have been in the gym and you do that thing you thought you could and you have that first moment. From that moment on you'll be unstoppable.

Stop waiting and take a small step towards something big for 2020!

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