A short guest blog post from Shine Coaching.

You are enough!

It all began around 7 years ago, with our aim of offering men a way to reduce anger and conflict in their lives.

We saw the devastating consequences it could have and wanted to make a difference.

As Life Coaches we recognised that by offering the right tools and techniques, these men could approach their anger in a different way.

Being based in East Lancashire, we wanted an easily accessible service in the area, for agencies and for people to self refer.

At the heart of it all, was our desire to make this service of coaching free, so we created a Community Interest Company and generated our own funding.

Our first year pilot was a success and we received recognition by being awarded further funding.

We have found that by listening to our clients and tailoring our services to their needs, we have been able to enhance what we can offer, and it’s taken us from strength to strength.

Our journey now continues with Reaching Communities Funding during Covid-19 and we have connected with over 91 men since July 2020.

January doesn't have to be a new you, it's an extension of you. You are enough.

A new year and it's 2021.

Let's focus on what we can do, not what we can't. This was my affirmation in 2020 through lockdown and I will continue to use it through 2021.

A tough year ahead, January always can be, new years resolutions, pounding the streets with our new sports wear and throwing out all the sweets and booze from the festive fun.

This year how about putting the brakes on, taking the pressure off and seeing were it takes us?

Ask yourself, who am I?

What is important to me and what do I want? What makes me feel good?

If it's being in nature then great, get out there, if it's learning something new, get reading. If it's having a duvet day, then do it.

If we feel secure, rested and relaxed we are more likely to want to do the things that keep us healthy, physically and mentally.

Our body knows what is right for us, but we need to stop and really listen to it.

So, go on, ask yourself? ...........................

Written by; Guidance Coach Leanne Campbell from Shine Coaching www.shine-coaching.com

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