Fat Loss or Weight Loss? Which Do You Want?.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

In this article I'm aiming to highlight the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Let's get into it.

First up, Weight Loss.

Weight Loss is when we step on the scales our weight has decreased. This is always from burning more calories than we are consuming.

There is no two ways about it.

Calories are energy that is in food. The more calories, the more energy it has.

When the energy isn't used it get's stored in our fat cells. The more energy we have stored the more body fat we gain.

Calories In - Calories consumed from food, drink and alcohol.

Calories Out - Calories burned from exercise.

Sometimes you might see someone who does little to no exercise and eats more junk food than you do but seems to never gain weight in comparison. Where as you have to work really hard. When it's like this I understand it can be a little frustrating at times and maybe even a bit depressing.

However, do not falter.

It just means that your body is burning energy represented as energy at a slower rate than the other person.

The thing I don't like with the term 'Weight Loss' is this.

It means losing weight from the body this can mean muscle amongst other things but for the purpose of this article let's assume it's muscle only.

So, you lose 4 stone and you've caned the treadmill. Usually people aren't happy at this point because they want to look 'toned.'

Fat Loss

This is where Fat Loss comes in and why the scales aren't everything.

When people first sign up to one of my services we go through an extensive assessment process.

We take progress pictures like the ones below, we measure your body fat, take measurements of various parts of the body, record your fitness and even record your weight.

It all goes into your Online Progress Tracker where we both can see at any time how you're doing.

When it comes to fat loss I use weight training over cardio.

Weight training is great because it helps people to build muscle. This muscle will then burn calories for you whilst you're resting.

That ache you get after going to the gym? That is where you damaged the muscle, it needs to be damaged so that it grows back bigger and stronger.

The recovery process for muscles burns more calories than the average gym newbie ever could in a gym workout.

You shouldn't shy away from lifting weights I get that most people don't want to look big and bulky but you have to train specifically for that. If you want to train for fat loss we will be doing it differently than if you were a bodybuilder.

So if you want to drop body fat quick, get lifting and get recovering.

The best kind of lifestyle for fat loss is one you can sustain. It doesn't matter if you're 'The Best Exercises For Fat Burning' or eating 'Superlean Protein Shakes', if on your way back home you grab yourself a share family sized KFC.

Make simple but gradual changes that will progress you closer to your goals and this way you will keep anxiety as low as possible.

Until the 10th of May I'm offering free two week trials for Mind Fit. Trialists will receive my starter pack, added to the Facebook group, full use of the extensive video library and 3 group sessions a week.

For more info get in touch and I'll get back to you asap.

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