Top Tips To Overcome Anxiety and Start Getting Fit(ter).

The main one is that you don’t need the gym to start getting fitter.

At the end of the day you just need to increase your current physical activity level and keep it consistently higher and before long you’ll be slightly fitter and healthier.

For your getting fit to work you want to be able to go do a bit of exercise whatever your preference is and keep it going. Otherwise life will throw a curveball at you, a stressful time or a hectic schedule and before you know it you’ve had a bit of time off from the gym (if that’s what you were doing).

In this I’ll talk through some of the biggest fitness myths and give you some ideas on how to get started.

You don’t need a cookie cutter diet plan to lose body fat.

You don’t need a strict diet plan, your body fat reduction just requires you to create a deficit of calories. It has been estimated that for you to burn 1 lb of body fat you need to burn 5,000 calories, it might seem like a lot but trust me it isn’t in comparison to what you can do in one week.

Calories are a representation of energy that the body has consumed. If you don’t use it and burn it off, it gets stored as body fat for a time when you do need it.

So let’s say someone has 3,000 calories a day for them to start dropping body fat or losing weight they either need to reduce their intake per day by 300 or start burning the equivalent.

Where people usually get it wrong is they go from 0-100mph overnight.

Spending weekends on the sofa, not really doing anything after work, very little exercise and living off processed foods. To going to the gym everyday, living off ‘clean and healthy foods’.

In my opinion, I think the better option is to go slower and take it steady.

Take a look at the graphs (which I have created based on my experience over 6 years).

Black - Average amount of calories burnt through exercise on a daily basis.

Green - Represents calories consumed through food and drinks.

Blue - Represents energy levels.

Red - Represents the amount of weight lost.

In the first graph you see everything start’s off really well, ‘clean eating,’ big workouts, potentially feeling great and excited about the journey ahead. However, after a few weeks, typically starts to crave sugary foods or maybe savoury snacks, energy levels and mood begin to drop as the weight loss slows. This is usually because the body's response to being underfed, undernourished and under-rested. This is when people start fall off the wagon and if it isn't addressed quickly will start to gain weight.

In the second graph we see that the weight loss is slower because the person has reduced their calories by a smaller margin. This is how I approach things with my personal training clients. The calories are reduced by a smaller margin because the body will adjust slowly and won’t be thinking you’re starving yourself. When it does it tends to hold on to fat stores. At first it will be quick with rapid weight loss until the body adjusts and starts to slow the weight loss down. This helps to maintain healthy function of your hormones and energy levels. The workouts are less frequent as the majority of my clients have children and I believe your life shouldn’t revolve around exercise instead it is something you’re adding to it. There will still be drops in motivation, mood and energy but because I’m not a sergeant major and you’re not training for the SAS or the olympics I find this makes the exercise easier to stick to even at times of low motivation. ‘Not feeling like going to the gym?’ ‘Don’t worry, get a home workout in.’

One final point, with the weight loss it stalls in graph two this happens when you've lost a lot of body and you start to gain more muscle than you're losing body fat, to give you the toned look.

‘I worry about people looking at me.’

A common barrier for people coming to a gym is that they worry about people looking at them. To be honest no one ever is but if you’re one of those people, try running on the roads and then the day after do a 20 minute home workout.

Eventually when you’re a bit more confident then you can start going to a gym.

Having a PT sessions means that you’re focused on me and not being able to think about what’s going on around you.

I created my starter pack with this in mind so when people join up to my email list they get a free Starter Pack and when people join Mind Strong or Mind Fit or 1-1 PT Sessions they get a free Health Guide Book.

Best Exercises

You don’t need one of those super secret booty blaster machines to get a good bum, you don’t need a shake weight whatever they’re called to get sick arms or the electro stimulus thing you see Ronaldo endorsing to get a washboard stomach.

The thing you need is to stay consistent.

You can end up spending a lot of money on something because some celebrity has endorsed something, it might not work or you might not be using it often enough to get a result from it.

My mum just like many other mum’s around the world had very little time on her hands a few years ago raising three naughty bastards but wanted to get in shape and bought an ab machine thing for home workouts. How many times did she use it? Zero. Did she get fit from it? Maybe once. Why? Because she wasn’t consistent.

Another thing to remember on this is you can look fantastic but have such a bad core you’re constantly in pain with your back. This is the same for most celebrity fitness plans.

There is no such thing as superfoods.

It is the same as with the best exercises. Beetroot has been shown to be beneficial for people with bad hearts and high blood pressure. In fact it is so effective that companies have found the compound that helps and put it into a pill so that athletes can have it before training to make them run for longer. How much would your blood pressure drop if you had beetroot once a week for 6 months and kept eating like garbage?

It won’t.

A lifestyle.

Throughout this blog I have been trying to highlight certain areas that I believe make it hard for people to actually succeed. Studies show that when someone diets and they ‘fall off the wagon’ they go back to old ways and make up for the weight they’ve lost by gaining even more than when they started.

I believe that going too hard on your weight loss too quick only brings about more stress, guilt and even a bit of anxiety.

My ethos is that we build a lifestyle that you can sustain.

I wrote a two part blog on how mental health can affect people and what to do about it. Here is part 1 and here is part 2.

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