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Ways Your Mental Health Can Benefit From Exercise

Updated: Jun 3

Mental health is complicated and hard to understand, most of all because we can't see what is going on in someone else's mind. Often we don't even understand it ourselves. You can try and explain time and time again on for hours on end and it still often ends up feeling like they just don't get it. You can be going through so much pain and people not even know.

Exercise and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. Currently as I type this the whole of the UK, including Burnley is on lockdown. However, I believe these tips and ideas are things that should be done regardless.

The main one and probably the one everyone has heard of is 'Runner's High.' When people start exercising there's these feel good hormones that start to go around the body called endorphins. Do you ever get back from walking the dog just feeling a bit 'clearer' mentally? It could be those endorphins.

Personally, I love doing AMRAPS and MetCons (As Many Rounds As Possible and Metabollic Conditioning Circuits). I use them to measure mine and my clients fitness. If you get more rounds done than last time, and if you finished the MetCon quicker than last time then you could say you're getting fitter. In my experience this helps mental health in two ways. First, you have a goal to aim for, a focus because every session you know you're working towards something(I mentioned this here as well). Secondly, when you can see improvements that are unquestionable it gives people a boost.

These are some of the fitness challenges I coach my clients that I coach my clients through.

My biggest problem with my mental health is anxiety. Lifting heavy weights meant I had no energy left to think about stupid stuff that I couldn't control. I don't know if anyone else would live this daily routine.

Training to a structured exercise routine helped because I was seeing improvements and it gave me an awesome sense of belief. After a few years of training I entered into the GBPL and came second in The Regional Championships and have competed in Strongman.

If you want to start making progress with your mental health and fitness drop me a message before the lockdown ends.

You wont regret it!

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