Why doing PT with me will be the decision you make all summer?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Even in this current situation with The Corona Virus me and my clients are still working towards progress.

Here are some of the things we have been using to help us along the way and will use when lockdown is lifted.

Treated Like A Person and Not A Sales Statistic

Often I’ve heard stories of when clients have been to other PT’s and they started cutting sessions short or didn’t seem ‘bothered’ (for want of a better word) about the client’s progress or struggles.

This is the group of clients I lead around The Yorkshire 3 Peaks and helped to raise money for Lancashire Mind.

On top of the last mountain, Ingleborough.
On top of the last mountain, Ingleborough.

This was one of my proudest moments.

Guaranteed Result

It is written into the T’s and C’s that if you feel that you haven’t made progress towards your chosen goal you get your money back. Whether your goal is to increase strength and hit a PB, improve your mental health or get fit. If you didn’t hit your goals then I’ll give you your money back.

I think having T’s and C’s in itself is a bonus you know what I expect of you and that there aren’t any dodgy loop holes ‘by signing this you have to give me your first born.’

Mental Health Is Understood

I understand mental health and how it affects people in different ways. I had such bad anxiety at 14 I couldn’t read plays at school or do speeches, in my 20s I started to get such bad panic attacks I’d throw up.

Even now, even when I’m doing all of the right stuff and putting myself in the best position possible, even now sometimes my mental health takes over and I have panic attacks.

Have Your Results On Hand Whenever, Wherever.

All of your results from your weight loss, body fat measurements, mental health questionnaire and fitness related goals everything goes on to your online progress tracker that we can both access at any time.

Health Guide

When clients sign up they receive an e-book that I designed to help people with the questions they might have when they first start at the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Making healthier changes doesn't have to be boring.
Making healthier changes doesn't have to be boring.

It isn’t just The Health Guide, I upload videos into a Facebook Group on a regular basis such as this one.

Top Quality Banter and Jokes

I used to have to walk 3 hours to the gym that I worked at to open it up in that time I’d get very bored and would make up my own jokes, but this is my favourite one.

‘Where do sheep go to hang out?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘They hang out at the baaaaa.’

All of my clients have heard that one and I can imagine them all rolling their eyes if they’re reading this… LOL!

Do As I Do, Not Do As I Say

I don’t say you’re on a clean eating diet and living like a rabbit whilst eating a few bits of meat to my clients because truth is, I don’t do it myself so why would I tell you to do it?

I like chocolate, ice cream and biscuits a bit too much so I have to stay active so that I can burn it all off.

Everyone is different and we have to take different approaches to certain situations guided by a few fundmental principles.

  • Your health is everything and should be the foundations to everything be it mental or physical

  • Calories in versus calories out will dictate your weight loss not some bullshit pill

  • Being healthy should be a lifestyle but doesn’t have to be boring

If you're ready to make a change and you want to have a laugh at the same time as well get in touch.

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