Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Mental health has in recent years become recognised as one of the most important pillars of general well being.

What goes on in the mind underpins absolutely everything.

You don't build a house by starting with the roof.

Having experienced anxiety and panic attacks myself first hand I understand mental health.

It has become a passion of mine to combine the positive effects of exercise to improve mental health for as many people as possible.

This is why Mind Fit and Mind Strong have simple methodologies and processes in place, that are continuously being refined, evolving and adapting.

This is to make them better and more applicable to people.

From my point of view I understand that when it comes to anxiety some times the smallest step can seem like crossing an ocean.

When you join Mind Strong or Mind Fit you aren't just joining a gym you're becoming a part of something, like a gym family.

Therefore, I want you to succeed in your goal,

My goal is for you to get to that dress size, to go down that belt buckle.

When you become a part of the tribe you receive a 58 page Health Guide.

It is designed to help you through the initial stages of starting the gym and improving your lifestyle.

You will also be invited to a private Facebook Group that is used as a support network, has an extensive video library of useful tips like these and hosting private Q&A's.

MF and MS are not for olympians or athletes.

They aren't the environments where you need to be fit already.

They are for the person who wants to do a bit of exercise, get fitter, maybe lose some body fat and gain a bit of muscle.

In addition, to this the sessions are set up in a way that each person is encouraged by not just me but the other members as well.

It is a community that exercise together.

It doesn't matter about your size, fitness, race or gender everyone is welcome.

The sessions themselves are based simple method of progression.

You keep track of what you did and then the week after you try to beat your previous reps.

During the sessions there isn't any need for anyone to compete or be punished for coming last.

After all we all started somewhere.

You can be assured that you are getting premium quality coaching as I have been a personal trainer 6 years now, and competed in various different sports such as powerlifting and strongman.

The group sessions are limited to a small number to ensure that my focus is largely on you and that I am able to coach everyone in the session to a high standard, but don't take my word for it.

Here is what Lucy had to say about it...

Joining Mind Strong and Mind Fit is more than just joining a gym!

Currently there is an offer on for joining, sign up before June 1st and get 30% off.

Happy lifting, Marcus!

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